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Our love for this amazing breed started some time ago when we were visiting our local vet whilst living in Brisbane. I guess you could say it was love at first sight. We spent several months  researching the breed and talking to Neo breeders both here in Australia and overseas. The result was Boo - our first  grey male.
Some years later  we purchased our farm just out of Stanthorpe and added two more Neos to our family, Abby and Levi. In 2011 they were joined by Battisto and Antanika.
As most owners of this majestic breed know, owning a Neo really changes your life - they are big, they can be messy but they are loyal members of your family. 
Neos are not the most active dog in the world but will follow their owners anywhere and ours prove that daily - they are always by our side, in the office or out in the paddocks.

Neapolitan Mastiffs in general ~

This is a large breed of dog, anyone thinking of purchasing a neo really needs to be sure and not make the decision lightly. Everything associated with this breed is excessive, including vet bills! Neos require limited exercise, especially when young, they grow at a fast rate in their first 12 months and any undue stress can cause permanent damage. Make sure you research the breed thoroughly.

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